A few properties:

What we do

Traditional PR is over&out. BeSpoken is in: it helps you discover stories that do make a difference. Stories that really manage to bring your corporate values and messages to the right audience. Old school, that is! Apart from advising, BeSpoken also is your partner when it comes to writing these stories. Thanks to a vast amount of experience, we write long and short copy, on- and offline, from internal memos to long feature articles. Our texts create lasting impact.

Thirdly, BeSpoken is also organizing trainings to make you an outstanding corporate storyteller. In group or individual.

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How we do it

Based on our senior experience in both journalism and corporate communication, we have developed a specific methodology to search and find the best corporate stories and integrate them in your communication plan and content calendar. This methodology makes BeSpoken unique in the communication world. We are well trained in the art of corporate storytelling.

Who we are

Stating that BeSpoken is built on seniority is somewhat of an understatement. Founder and managing director Aart De Zitter gained massive experience in both written and audiovisual journalism, working for titles such as De Tijd, Trends, De Standaard, VAB Magazine, Kanaal Z, VTM, AVS. Apart from journalism, De Zitter has built up extensive experience in corporate communications for several larger companies.

BeSpoken does not work together with junior freelancers, but only with senior level partners who combine both journalistic and corporate experience. We chose to be ‘old school’, far away from fuzzy tweets or superficial press releases. We go back to pure communication quality as we used to know before.


Why we do it

We at BeSpoken are genuinely convinced that good corporate storytelling does make a difference. Based on our vast experience in both journalism and corporate communication, we want to help companies prosper from our insights. Too often, press releases do not get the expected output. Why is that? Because they do not lead to media action, because they do not generate good articles. Communication managers on the other hand get frustrated because they do not get the expected return-on-investment. Good corporate storytelling will boost your return-on-investment.