We think

We screen your organization in search for powerful stories that will create above average external exposure. We evaluate your current communication plan, finetune it or develop it from scratch. We will implement a concrete content calendar. We also advise you on PR matters: from internal online communication to external customer magazine, paid branded content and earned media.  All this is based on the power of storytelling. Our approach consists of four steps.

We do

Not only is BeSpoken your outspoken communication advisory partner, but also do we perform ‘the real work’: we write and tell your stories like no one else can do. We practice what we preach! We write your texts.

We train

Need to pimp your personal writing skills? Want to learn how you can find the ultimate storylines in your company? Sharpen your pen or learn how to set up a content calendar? Target group: PR-managers, communication managers, copywriters, … Either take a training in group or a personal coaching session.